Accounting and auditing with artificial intelligence-Odoo 16

AI is a practical tool available today to help you address and solve real-world problems
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Accounting and auditing with artificial intelligence-Odoo 16
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Accounting and auditing with artificial intelligence-Odoo 16

The term AI (artificial intelligence) seems to be part of every product or service description today. This course will define AI and its impact on accounting and workflow in today’s modern office. Throughout the course, you will learn what tools are available today to dramatically improve workflow, efficiency, and accuracy by brining AI to your accounting systems.UPON COMPLETING THIS COURSE, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO:

The Role of AI in Accounting: Advancements and Opportunities.

Identify key components of Artificial Intelligence.

Differentiate between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation.

List examples of potential uses of Artificial Intelligence in accounting and financial environments. 

Automate in Finance & Accounts - Automation in Finance Function.


Odoo-erp implementation training

Odoo implementation can be more difficult and may lead to disaster if not implemented by experts. However, MASTERS ACADEMY offers you hassle-free implementation of user-friendly Odoo platforms as per your business requirements. We specialize in Odoo implementation and have a clear methodology and good, well-practiced practices

Document Capture and Recognition for Financial Workflows

Frictionless Customer Onboarding

Robotic Process Automation + Intelligence (AI that automates business) 

 Internet of Things (AI that enables devices to communicate directly without human intervention)


Odoo The accounting logic

All about Odoo localizations

Odoo  Basic set up to get your accounting live - Chart of Accounts

Odoo The debit_credit concept

‎ Odoo The basic journal entries

Odoo The financial reports and the impact of journal entries on them

Introduction to odoo Accounting Smart Class

The different odoo  accounting jobs and their roles within a company


Odoo Chart of Accounts & Account Types

Odoo deployment and configuration training

We give you great flexibility to configure according to your business requirements. We take care of all ERP functionalities and analysis tools to suit your company's needs. Thus users can get ultimate customizations and personalization on their business page.


Odoo Inventory valuation

Odoo Multi Currency - Gains_losses (realized) exchange differences

Odoo Asset management

Odoo Documents management

Odoo Payments - Payments and bank reconciliation

Odoo Payments - SEPA payments and reconciliation models ‎

setup to get your accounting live - Journals

setup to get your accounting live - Taxes


Odoo journal entries

Training and support

Since Odoo is vast and large, good training will enhance professionalism. We provide successful Odoo training to end users after implementation via various communication mediums like Skype, Teamviewer and associated videos and documents.


Odoo Multi company setup

Odoo Reporting

Odoo Deferred revenue and expenses

Odoo Analytic accounting

Odoo Budget management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Chartered Accountant's Office for Odoo training?

360-degree Odoo customization solutions for managing and organizing the business. Conduct grass-root level business analysis to understand business workflows and requirements. Chartered Accountant's Office provides extensive services in Odoo installation, implementation of customized modules, post-implementation support.

Why I choose Chartered Accountant's Office over freelancers for Odoo customization?

Chartered Accountant's Office is Odoo official partner and therefore more reliable. Exclusively specialized on keys like Odoo Consultancy, Odoo implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Training. Have authorized signatories having access towards Enterprise Edition source code, providing quick resolutions to issues.

How Chartered Accountant's Office fulfill your business goals related to training?

Meets short-term and long-term goals. Ensures you with functionality that your business requires. Takes care of business requirements and business workflow while implementing the customization. We make sure that the customizations meet your perfect business requirements and functionality.

Why cost is higher for odoo partners while comparing to freelancers?

Odoo partners are costlier than freelancers because they provide quality service that serves as the backbone for the long business run. Partners are costlier because they are trained and certified in Odoo. However, compared to the long successful business run, the investment on Odoo Partners are highly reasonable.

What are the steps to training an Odoo module?

Requirement Analysis in business involves the current study of business workflows, understanding the current pitfalls limiting the business returns and efficiency. Gap Analysis is bridging the gap between current inefficiencies and enhancing future efficiencies. Chartered Accountant's Office customize modules as per need.

Make it alive

Always by your side as a help to deal with all foggy situations. We help you discover the best implementation of your ERP system and thus establish your business at a higher stage.


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